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We offer a product range of "Everything for the Granite Monument Industry". We are the one-stop provider for all stone monument manufacturers' needs. Our stock includes:

and many more products for the stone monument industry.

We started in 1992, and today we supply to almost all the monument units in and around Salem, in addition to our exports and sales to clients throughout India. Based on customer feedback, we continually add new products to our existing portfolio. We are at the forefront, offering the widest range of products with support and service after sales. Our cost-effective products are known for their quality, consistency, durability, and price.

Utilizing our customer contacts and their support, we have expanded our business to source granite slabs, tiles, monuments, sculptures, and rough blocks. With years of experience in the granite industry and a strong client network, we confidently meet buyers' expectations and needs in terms of quality, supply schedule, and price.

Over time, our dedicated services and pragmatic approach have equipped us to meet the expectations and needs of clients and buyers. Our mission is to enable our customers and buyers to take advantage of our competitive prices and comprehensive service support without compromising on quality.